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At Downtown Cookies®, we strive for one thing: cookies like your grandmother made, except WAY bigger.

With zero preservatives and the freshest ingredients, these cookies are sure to transport you back to your childhood.

We offer varieties of "monster-sized" cookies, biscotti, cookie cakes, dough-to-go and locally-sourced milk, coffee & tea.

We also partner with our customers to give their events & parties the sweetest ending. We offer event favors, dozen or two-dozen platters and display stands to showcase the beauty of our cookies!



"Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin?" This was a question Morgan and her brother, Danny, wrestled with each week after an Italian Sunday dinner. Their mom, Lisa, spent all day making homemade "gravy" but all they could think about were the mouthwatering cookies that would conclude their feast. Morgan could never finish her plate of macaroni but when it came to cookies, she never found one I didn't like!  Over the years, the love for her mom's cookies was shared with family, friends, neighbors, classmates and co-workers. As Morgan grew older, she and her mom spent their free time baking, perfecting their cookie recipes and creating different ideas with new ingredients.


In the early days of the pandemic lockdown, Morgan rekindled her love for baking and started Downtown Cookies®. She spent every weekend at local Farmers Market and the cookies were a hit! Demand increased which made her realize that it was time to leave her corporate job and enter the world of entrepreneurship. 


"Haddonfield, New Jersey is my home, baking is my passion and each cookie is named after a very special person in my life.  As I open my first cookie shop in Downtown Haddonfield, I want it to feel like you're walking into my home, that has been filled with cookie happiness for 25 years.  Come join the family and find your favorite cookie!"

With Love & Sweetness,